Introductions – Who is Jenn and why should anyone read her blog?

Welcome! My name is Jenn and I’m a single mom that recently decided to start a blog about life, from my perspective. It will be pretty random “off the wall” content that might not make a whole lot of sense or it could possibly make perfect sense to some. This is really just something that I feel will help me and I figured I would share it with anyone that could use a distraction or comfort in knowing they are not alone in their thoughts.

So, why do this? I’ll admit, I’m a bit apprehensive to start, but courageously decided to explore this blogging craze to share some of my random thoughts, experiences living with depression and how I cope day to day, and my overall perspective of life in general with those that may have a similar take on things or for those that don’t, perhaps show them a side they never thought of before.

I consider myself a daydreamer as I often wonder about a lot of different topics.  I also love trying new things, going to explore different places, and experiencing yummy foods.  What you will find here will be a scattered variety of sorts such as “mmmmm” food (it’s always on my mind), places I have traveled to and would like to travel to, shoes (who doesn’t love a great pair of shoes, right?!), books/movies, pets (my three cats mainly), my (sometimes) lovable teenager, living with depression, and just random thoughts of life in general.

There are so many different things to talk about and share that I really just hope to have a good amount of content to share with everyone and be able to add a bit of positivity or enlightenment to someone’s life. Possibly even help someone discover a new experience (places, products, food, etc.), or if nothing else, add a new viewpoint or just be relatable to anyone that needs it. I also hope to find personal healing and growth along this new path I’ve chosen to explore.

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